Garment Care

Heres a few suggestions for dry cleaning your Bridal Gown

Always seek out ‘personal’ recommendations for dry cleaners. Some bridal stores get kick backs for their referrals to dry cleaners and there are strangers on the web/networking who refer you to their own family business. Be sure to check your dress thoroughly directly after its finished (before you store it. A high price does not guarantee a good job. I know of a cleaner that charges $150 and did a useless job – my local cleaner charges $30 for instance.

If you plan to wear the dress a second time at a new destination and are on a time limit. I would recommend that you ensure you do leave enough time for the possibility of needing to take it to a second cleaner if the first cleaner does not meet your satisfaction.

Storing the cleaned dress before the second wedding: Plan ahead where to store it when you get it home (eg. in mum’s spare room ). Find out how the cleaners are bagging it – you may have to open it out to stop creasing. If they bag it in plastic you may need to re-bag  it into a fabric bag. Or you may have to take the dress off the hanging hooks and lay it open and flat so that the hanging loops do not drag the dress on its weight creating bad creases.

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