Image Consulting & Photoshoot

Linda Ayre and her team can create not only a costume, but a package resulting in a fully finished image for your marketing needs.

Our team

Diane Pedersen – technical lighting/staging , and photography

Linda Ayre – Concept design. Directing and styling the shots/poses

Additional team members of the project (can be selected by us)  – hair stylist, make up, studio rental,

For presentation, text elements may be added to the photograph.

“For any project, We work towards final vision”

The costume is made. Lighting/location are set and tested, Leading up to day of the shoot.

Finally, the selected photos are optimized by Diane, then, edited in photoshop and cropped for print/web by Linda

Delivery is via web/dvd.

Who will benefit from this service?
Performers, Entertainers. Ideal for Event and private Party organizers, invites,

Images to be added soon – please stop by again 3/7/17



Look 10 lbs lighter in well-fitted clothes – The art of illusion dressing

Clothing creates an optical illusion that works for you or against you. Your wardrobe choices can mysteriously make you appear taller, shorter, slender or wider.

Style Definition (establishing your formula)

Smart wardrobe choices stand out because they speak to one’s personal coloring, figure, lifestyle. If any of these elements are missing our wardrobes are not what they could be.

Who needs attention to detail?

  • Women who want a new look
  • Job-seekers
  • Corporate executives
  • Beauty pageant contestants
  • Lawyers and their clients
  • Cancer survivors
  • Television personalities
  • Spouses of recently promoted executives/politicians
  • Singles seeking a partner

How it Works

First, I review your current wardrobe and analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions. You will begin to:

  • Recognize your personal style
  • Build wardrobe basics
  • Decide what to keep, fix, and get rid of

Next, discover a wealth of information about:

  • How to put together/ coordinating outfits
  • Step-by-step guide to closet organizing
  • Concealing body flaws
  • Psychology of clothing colors
  • Tips on accessorizing
  • Wardrobe shopping tips

I help you develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are. You end up with a personal transformation and a life-long understanding of how style adds to your personal power.

Types of wardrobes that you may choose to have consultation on

Interview Outfits

Perhaps you just need urgent help in this area?

  • You are looking to be promoted
  • Just finished school/college
  • Moving back into the work force after divorce or having been a homemaker


  • Business
  • Business presentations
  • Lecture and court work
  • Important for:
    • Teachers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Tech presentations
    • Coaching lectures

Semi-Casual For Business

Where you need to make a smart impression but also have a warm approach for your clients.

  • Therapists
  • Working in government offices

Evening Attire – Business or Social of all Types

  • You work in an evening setting in the restaurant or club/bar scene
  • You are required to attend business evening events in a social setting
  • Newly single and in need of an image boost for dating and social occasions of all kinds

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical questions of other items that you would especially like to focus on during my wardrobe analysis:

  • Takes too long to get ready for events or work
  • Cleaning costs too high
  • Clothes with more versatility for different environments
  • Soon I will require a more executive wardrobe
  • Problem finishing looks ie. shoes / accessories
  • More practical travel wardrobe for vacation / business
  • Foundation garments to suit my figure type
  • Casual/sporty clothes that do not look sloppy
  • Classic formal look that I do not look frumpy in
  • Care advice for my garments so they don’t get out of shape
  • I need some creative quick-change items for after work socializing
  • Please could you take my measurements so that I can order online
  • Can you recommend hair styling solutions that will complete my look
  • I would like you to recommend a hairdresser, skin care etc to complete my new look
  • My closets need accessorizing to make organizing easier
  • Can you please remove the clothes we pull out so that I do not put it all back

My Expertise

  • Designer with 25 years of experience.
  • Expert knowledge of new fabrics and colors that will “create” new trends.
  • Not tied to the latest fashion trends. I help you develop a wardrobe that can be classic and highlighted with seasonal fashion items.
  • Experienced in getting clients in touch with their personal style to match their lifestyle, age and budget with appropriate, well-fitting clothes.

Appointments with Professionals to Complete your Look

Contact Michelle for complimentary skin care/makeup consultation via this link and be sure to inquire about your photo session today!

Do you need some image maintenance?

First impressions matter! Your haircut and clothes are as important as your smile. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in business and personal relationships. Whether you are changing jobs, recently divorced, single, or in need of general self image improvement. Look 10 lbs lighter in well fitted clothes–The art of illusion dressing.

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Retail Location & Contact

Linda Ayre Couture 
1813 El Camino Real, Suite 13
Burlingame CA 94010

(650) 703-5119

By Appointment Only

15 minutes from San Francisco
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