A profile of Comme Il Faut shoe designer Alicia Muniz

If you have been to any large argentine tango event and seen Tango dance shoes from Argentina, then, you are sure to have seen ‘Comme Il Faut’ shoes. They are the eye candy of shoes. Beautifully made with exquisite detailing, In fine leathers of so many amazing colors, prints, textures.

Comme Il Fauts boutique is located in Recoleta, Buenos Aires and a must go for the shoe addict – but make sure you are ready to leave with a few pairs in hand.

This video features Alicia Muniz , it shows the whole process from design thru making – what a treat and in the process shows how thru her innovation she has became so successful.

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Visit London’s Historical Shakespearean theatre.

If you would really like to experience some authentic theatrical history in London without commercialism try a step into the past by visiting the  Sam Wanamaker Playhouse built Adjacent to London’s famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  The playhouse is an indoor theatre modeled after a Jacobean-era theatre. It is used for performances 52 weeks of the years enabling plays to be shown during the winter months when the main theatre cannot be used. It specializes in plays from between 1576 and 1642 by Shakespeare’s contemporaries or near contemporaries. 

theatre_exterior-2 theatre_exterior_detail-2 foyer-inside-theatre2

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Tango Poetry

poet-writtingJust recently I have begun to include excerpts of poetry within the description of my Tango dresses. During my research I found so many lovely poems that I wanted to share them with you all so that you can enjoy the whole composition.

Here are several poems from the world of tango, deeply reflective of the passion and sensuality that is within tango. Some of them originally composed as Poetry, some of them are lyrics from Songs, translated from Spanish.

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Paris Tango by Night

Tango Paris by Night

Written by Chantal Eril

(Edited by Andrea Bindereif)

As a French ‘tanguera’ living in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, I happily dance Argentine tango most of the time at local events and milongas. There is so much happening in my local tango community that I really don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.

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Historical Fashions at Londons V&A Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum.

For me it is a priority to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum every time I go back to England. I have seen so many amazing exhibits here. First and foremost for Clothing – Fashion, Theatrical and dance costumes. The fashion gallery now has so many Fashions that they have to rotate the exhibits. As a student we visited behind the scenes where they log and care for all the clothing. We saw the most famous designers garments inside and out. Examining first hand how they were constructed in fine detail. The V&A hold many lectures/talks about their historical costumes.

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Bridal and Evening gown dry cleaning

Heres a few suggestions for dry cleaning your Bridal Gown

Always seek out ‘personal’ recommendations for dry cleaners. Some bridal stores get kick backs for their referrals to dry cleaners and there are strangers on the web/networking who refer you to their own family business. Be sure to check it after its done. A high price does not guarantee a good job. I know of a cleaner that charges $150 and did a useless job – my local cleaner charges $30 for instance.

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