Striking Yellow One Sleeved Dress – Tango Dress


Every Linda Ayre dance dress is individually custom cut to your personal body measurements for a perfect fit.
Striking Argentine Tango costume with one sleeve and dramatic contracting black lace panels. The lace is all applied entirely by hand and the hem is angled differently on all sides,  for a entirely one-of-a-kind design. This dress has a stand collar which opens on the sleeveless side of the neck this allows easy access to dress.
 The main fabric has glitter threads twisted into the fibers. The designer black lace is lined with skin color stretch mesh. The scoop back is held in place by a discrete panel of skin color mesh.
To add underwear into this dress add this option to the shopping cart please choose this option in Add Ons Commercial body stocking / slimmer as dress lining”

Linda Ayre Argentine Tango costume collection Guarantee …  Inspirational styling – Sensual & Elegant, Designer Argentine Tango costumes. Individually fit to your body. High Fashion, quality construction.

“I have over 30 years of experience in ladies’ fashion, which is brought to bear in every dress. Designed expertly, draped and seamed to enhance the female figure. With a strong attention to detail in every piece. Each dress is made individually to your body measurements. Changes are possible. My Stylish Tango dresses ensure a fashion look for the dance floor. Especially designed collection for Stage, performance, competition and Milonga.
Finish your Tango look with my coordinating range of Tango jewelry.”

Custom Add Ons are available for dancewear…

* Add undergarments into this garment – “Add Ons”
* Matching Jewelry is available for this dress – “Accessories”
* Custom rhinestone – “Inspiration”


Argentine Tango one sleeved dress, with lace panels. This gives 4 alternative styling views.
The lace is all applied by hand and the hem is angled differently on all sides for a one-of-a-kind look. This dress has a stand collar which opens on the sleeveless side. The main fabric has glitter incorporated the fiber. All the lace is lined with nude color stretch. The scoop back is held in place by nude mesh.
This exact fabric is no longer available – many great alternatives are available.

additional options : add a panty or a body stocking . add rhinestoning. Also, other styling/detail variations .


Linda Ayre Argentine tango dresses are designed not only to fit your body perfectly but to emphasize your every move and make you look effortlessly elegant, sophisticated and unique.

I enjoy advising you to choose the best style for your choreography. Your boleo or back kick will be emphasized differently dependent on the fit of your tango dress and flow of the skirt giving you complete freedom of movement.

The Dance:
Argentine Tango is the most passionate dance. Elegance should always be on your mind when you choose your outfit. Linda Ayre’s designs for Argentine tango aim to make you look good plus, at the same time, can move and feel comfortable while dancing for performance, competition or social dancing at a Milonga.

“I know how important is to feel good about yourself when you dance. The clothes you wear change your attitude and expression. This is perceived in your dance. Clothing should be your second skin”.


The Poetry of Tango

Becoming Tango
“My body inside your arm
Our rhythms begin to coincide
Within the step and glide”