Six years ago, I started taking dance classes. And one day I decided to do my first dance show. It was a Tango Argentine Show. This is my first show, and everything should be perfect. I need a dress! What to do? I started surfing the net and found a title “Linda Are Tango Argentine dresses”. Oh god, found the dress… But there is a problem? will she send it to me to Lebanon?

I mailed Linda, and the answer came positive.

After several months, I needed a waltz dress. But Linda doesn’t seem to have such dresses. So I decided to ask her if she can make a tailor made dress. And the answer once again came positive. and the real story started there.

I mailed her the required measurements and the music on which I am dancing. She sketched the dress accordingly. Yes this what I want. I was so anxious to receive the dress. Will it fit perfectly. Will it be really like the sketch.

And to my surprise the dress arrived and it fitted perfectly and looked great. As if I was sitting next to Linda. She had never seen me, her great was the result of measurement,

And our story is still on and every time the result is astonishing. We work together on the theme and the job is done perfectly and amazingly.

I thank Linda for her great work and dedication.


18 custom Dresses in 6 years

I can’t imagine wearing any other dance costume except Linda’s. I am an older dancer but she makes me look elegant sexy and svelte. Often I dance to the theme of a dance movie. She makes a similar look for me like the Roxie costume from Chicago. Her creations are magical and you will not be disappointed.

Vivian from GEORGIA, USA

9 custom dresses from 2009 to 2017

Words cannot describe how elated I am. The dress is stunningly beautiful and exactly what I had envision it to look like when we first started talking about the design. I don’t want to take it off. I was so nervous that it might be too tight or too big however, IT”S PERFECT! It looks so good on I can’t get over it and it’s so shimmery that it doesn’t need rhinestones. It’s elegant, glamorous and the perfect foxtrot dress. It can’t wait to show Randy my dance teacher. We do our foxtrot solo on Saturday. Wish me luck. Oh hell even if I’m lousy no one will notice because they’ll all will be looking at my dress. Thank you!

Sally Powers from NEW YORK


Linda Ayre of dancedress.com is a miracle worker!!! Last year, this little piggy tumbled head over heels in love with THE little black dress. roberto cavalli stretch silk, sleeveless with the 2 most exquisite lace trim embellishments beginning at the hem in front, running up the front of the dress, over the shoulder and continuously down the back to the hem again.

Devastatingly, the dress (the smallest size made) was just clearly too large all around. As in, needs to be taken in not just at the hem, but also the sides (too loose) and the straps (if piggy’s life had been a movie, trying it on would have been an R-rated moment!). When I took it to my regular tailor, he actually refused to do it. he said because there was not natural seam on the tank straps, and because the width was not uniform in the front and the back, it would require basically remaking the dress, and he didn’t want the responsibility on his hands for a designer piece.

Never was there a piggy so morose as this little piggy was at that moment . . . that is, until i found Linda online and drove myself over to her studio ASAP! I’m posting a couple of photos of the finished product. Linda was fabulous; she did multiple fittings to make sure everything was just right, include a fitting after she had pinned and basted the dress, but before she went in and actually cut any fabric. I could really tell the difference between Linda’s services and my regular tailors; she had lots of clever suggestions about different options for approaching each aspect of the alterations, explaining what the finished look would be for each option as well as whether some were more labor-intensive than others (she does her alteration work on an hourly basis).

I still visit my regular tailor in the city for normal things like hemming a skirt for work or taking in department store dresses, but for custom or complex work, Linda’s the first person I would call, no question about it! piggy stamp of approval granted! (^(oo)^)v


Linda is a lifesaver. My first ballroom competition was coming up in 3 weeks, and I still didn’t have a dress. I never planned on buying or renting an existing one, I knew from the time I committed to this competition that I wanted my own dress. But when the person who was supposed to make my dress couldn’t do it, I scrambled to find someone, and I was lucky enough to find Linda. When I first spoke to her, I felt as if she had already been working with me for a long time. She’s very personable and, having danced herself, is experienced in how dance wear should fit and flow. I explained my situation and sent her pictures oft type of stying I wanted, and she immediately began advising me on the best way to go about having my dress created. A week later, after I got off work, I was in her workroom where she suggested a fabric that was perfect to use and draped it over me. Given that the competition was a few weeks away, she suggested we make the dress on me, rather than getting my measurements and having her work off those. As she cut away the fabric, I saw my dress come to life, it was amazing. 3 hours later, it was nearly finished. Because she was cutting the dress on me, it was very easy to not only have it custom fit, but also to trust Linda in making quick decisions on how low the back should be, or how high the skirt should be, etc. 2 weeks later, the dress was completely done and ready for showtime. At the competition I received multiple compliments on my dress, and it eased my nerves knowing that I was wearing something that I felt completely comfortable in and made me look good. Every time I look at the dress now, I just feel grateful that Linda played a huge role in getting me ready for my first competition. She’s excellent at her craft and can make your dream dress a reality. Thank you Linda!!!

Connie Mendosa , San Fransisco

I found Linda while surfing the web. I live in New York City and even though there are hundreds of stores here I wanted a dress that was unique and one of a kind for a dance showcase. I contacted Linda and she designed a gorgeous Tango dress for me. However, being the type who is prone to procrastination I didn’t contact her until four weeks prior to my dance showcase presentation. With limited time and just my measurements to go on Linda made me a stunning Tango dress. It fits like a glove and I have received so many complements on the dress. I have worn it in three dance contests since then and I love more every time I wear it. Several of my friends also had dresses made by other companies and were unhappy with the finished results. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who wants to feel like a million dollars on the dance floor. The dress is comfortable, beautiful and looks so graceful when I move. Thanks, Linda.

Sally Powers from NEW YORK
Educational Administrator
Lover of all things dance related

“For custom alterations I always call Linda. She is a problem-solver and a perfectionist. I trust her flair for flattering my figure and transforming constrictive garments into those that allow me to dance. Her custom dresses have yielded some of my favorite dance publicity photos.
Chelsea Eng
Performer-choreographer & instructorwww.tangochelsea.com

Linda knows how to fit a dress. I am no longer a standard size, and she really made sure the dress was not only comfortable, but fit so that it looked great on stage and moved well.

Nancy Mendoza from South San Francisco, CA

Dance teacher & performer, Argentine Tango/Salsa

Linda,You are amazing at fitting the dresses to the figure and so exacting with details. Very creative and innovative. A talented artist with the cloth.

Cheryl Fuller from Half Moon Bay, CA

Massage therapist /spiritual director and tango dancer/performer

Linda Ayre is a unique and talented designer. As a professional Tango dancer I have found Linda’s knowledge of the dance is very helpful in designing just the right dress for any dance occasion. The quality of the fabrics and the attention to detail make Linda’s dresses distinct and not just a costume but a work of art!

Christy Cote from San Francisco

Argentine Tango: Performer, Instructor,Choreographer


You can see Christy instructing Argentine Tango in a Linda Ayre dress on her latest Dance Vision DVD.

Linda Ayre is a master in the art of fine couture sewing. The quality of her work and the experience she brings to her dressmaking is hard to find anywhere in this era of shoddily constructed throw-away clothing. She is worth every penny she charges her customers, and more.

Linda really knows how to design a garment from an idea and execute it so that it fits perfectly. Perfect fit is what gives a designer like Linda the right to use “couture” in the description of her work. She always picks the appropriate fabric for each design, and knows how to work with difficult fabrics like silk chiffon and knits.

She worked in the British ready-to-wear industry, and was sent to Paris to research details of construction and design, to incorporate her finds into each season’s line. That attention to design detail is evident in every piece she skillfully creates.
Linda brings passion and intensity to whatever she creates, and is devoted to the art of making her customers look beautiful and be dressed well.
I have always had a hard time finding ready-to-wear that really fit me, and have several garments designed by Linda in my closet.

Jeanne Salander from San Jose, CA

Silk artist, author, seamstress, and satisfied customer

First and foremost, Linda is an artist. As a businesswoman, author, and playwright who travels extensively, my time is at a premium. I came to Linda with a particular vision for costumes for dance segments in a play I am writing. I had a very clear vision of what the costumes and dances needed to express in the context of the play. Linda listened carefully to my needs and was so respectful of my intent and vision that I decided we could collaborate artistically…not an easy feat.

She has since designed and produced those costumes and more. Our work together is very organic. I can tell her what I have in mind and she can show me what is possible to let the dream materialize. Then we experiment.

Linda anticipates needs, generates designs and ideas independently, and has my needs on her mind even in between our sessions together. She always has in mind what will make me delighted in the outcome.

The dresses and costumes require an attention to detail that goes from special occasion, to a milonga, to a large stage. She never compromises on quality. Everything, from what the audience will see to the minute tuck that only she and I will ever know about, is important to her.

It’s a delight working in partnership with Linda to make my dreams come true!

Penelope Rock from Redwood City, CA
CEO Leadership Consultant

Nancy Warren from Sacramento

If you want a dress that everyone would say, “WOW”, but you don’t have a dancer body, Linda Ayres is your answer.
I needed a dress for a showcase, so I went on the internet and found Linda’s website. When I called her I was nervous, but she responded to my questions in a pleasant manner so we made an appointment to meet.
When I went to my appointment, I was still nervous about meeting Linda, because I do not have a dancer body; I am short, have big hips and small shoulders and am heavy set. My thoughts ran wild as I approach her office. I thought she would look at me and tell me NO WAY! You need to lose some weight before I will design a dress for you. BUT that not want happened, she was warm and made me feel comfortable and now I have this beautiful pink waltz dress that everyone says WOW!! Every time I dance in that dress.
Recently, I asked Linda to designed a second dress for me, and I know the second dress will make everyone say WOW!!!!

Nancy Warren from Sacramento

Linda has made several of my beautiful gowns and I have worn them since 2008. I had bought a bridesmaid gown and it was too plain. I also can sew, but I’ve only sewed small simple garments. I also tried ordering evening dresses from department stores, but it was very hard to find my size (I am petite) and a style that I liked.

Linda can make professional quality gowns (and dresses) to your specifications that you can dance in and be confident in it. She’s very meticulous about the dress fitting well and that allows you to move and be active. She can give you advice about style, color and so on. She will try to accommodate your requests and create your dream dress/gown for that special event.

Hiroko C. Emeryville, CA

Now! It’s been three years later, and I’m pleased to announced that I have four custom made dresses hanging my closet. A beautiful pink waltz dress, lovely lavender waltz dress and blue Bling Latin dress and a purple Paso Doble practice dress that I enjoy wearing. Currently, Linda is designing a Paso Doble performance dress and a swing dance pant outfit for two showcases scheduled for the Spring. I will only trust Linda to design my dresses, because she is the BEST!!!!!

Nancy Warren from Sacramento

As a professional dancer/performer & teacher of Argentine Tango, I always go to Linda Ayre for any important custom fitting & alterations jobs. She has also made me some glamorous costume dance dresses. Linda is a perfectionist – an artist with an eye for the finer details. She is dedicated to helping her clients look & feel their absolute best.

Chelsea E. San Francisco, CA

Linda was a life saver! A couple weeks before my wedding she was able to make several adjustments to my wedding dress. She was easy to work with and clearly had the experience and creativity to help me accomplish the alterations I needed for my special day. I was very pleased and would highly recommend Linda for Wedding Dress Alterations.

Jazzy J. San Francisco, CA

“For custom alterations I always call Linda. She is a problem-solver and a perfectionist. I trust her flair for flattering my figure and transforming constrictive garments into those that allow me to dance. Her custom dresses have yielded some of my favorite dance publicity photos.
Chelsea Eng
Performer-choreographer & instructorwww.tangochelsea.com

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